New Directions In Promotional Strategy

by trickywicket

Shit, Tetanus, those overalls are looking great. How long you had those?


Yeah, the thing is I been wearing these forever, but I got caught in a thunderstorm last week and it sopped out a good four months of dust I’d worked up. I’ve got some amazing pictures of the puddles though.

Working on it. There’s a good spot near the park where the grime is kind of a reddish brown? Kaylar says it’s good for hair, fingernails, and socks.

Smells pretty okay.

Listen, I want to talk to you about something.

I think it’s time for me to get a Facebook Page.

No, man, yeah, of course I have a Facebook profile, that’s not what I mean. You liked my post on that recipe for anarchovegan burritos pretty much yesterday.

No, like a Page, man.

People wouldn’t friend me as much as they’d like me, and I’d show up in their profile, right? As someone they support and find relevant and interesting. Not like, a product, because I’m obviously solidly against commodification of all sorts.

What do you mean what for?

For my art. And writing. But also for my protests, poetry readings, shows. It’d be centrally located on the Page.

The encyclopedia of bowel movement fingerpaintings, for instance, would be a great first post for that.

Could even cross-post that to a Tumblr, maybe.

No, like, a new Tumblr.

Not just for the people I know. This would be bigger than that.

Okay, remember that series of four hundred pictures of me sleeping that I posted in that abandoned warehouse installation? Soporipix? I’d put those on there.

And remember the AFTER THE B/E/ EP?

No, that one was called Out of Me, Out of Me, Out of Me.

The AFTER THE B/E/  EP was the six hour album of every voicemail message ever left by an ex-boyfriend on my cellphone. I could definitely link to that on the Page too.

Well, I’d keep them on the personal profile too, but I guess this Page would be more for promotion.

Of course I still believe that my existence is the art. But this, it’s focused, okay?

It’s for people I meet at the shows and stuff, so they can keep up with what I’m doing as an artist.

Well, the thing is, I don’t necessarily want them knowing my personal details.