My Boss Orders A Hamburger

by trickywicket

Hey, uh, didn’t we, at some point, discuss the possibility of a hamburger?

You weren’t copied on that? Oh, well, I’ll make sure that gets to you. I’m going to need it immediately.

Now, I think it’s probably best if the hamburger was transported from the kitchen to this table. Can you make sure that someone is responsible for that? You’ll be the point person on this, just make sure that it gets done. I’m just so busy, there are so many things, this whole situation, is really a mess.

Exactly. Right.

You know, this is how these projects are continuously made more complicated, as it’s unclear what condiments are standard. Chef Morrison over at Burger Mountain includes caramelized onion, and the whole thing is a mess, I’ll tell you, because it’s not made clear early enough in the process.

Uh huh, well, let’s get to that in a second. The point is that I think we’re really going to have to be very explicit with these people and make sure they’re looped into the process when it comes to condiment deliverables.

That’s how we come out looking like heroes here. It happened like this at The Carolina Grill, and they’re still singing our praises over there to this day.

Well, that’s probably not relevant to you, necessarily, at this juncture.

What’s that?

Oh, just ketchup please.