Trickless Wickets

by trickywicket


1. Local Man Awarded MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship For “A Couple of Chapters of a Sci Fi Thing.”

2. Mom! You’re Really Going To Be Proud! I’ve Developed A Reputation As The Edgiest Rape-Joke Comedian On Campus!

3. Henry Darger’s Tumblr.

4. n+1’s Slush Pile: “Why The Pokedex Presaged Today’s Entire Intellectual Situation.”

5. Honey, Grab My iPad. The New York Times Did An Article About Irony.

6. Your Musician Friend Explains Why Your Favorite Band Is Tooootal Shit. No Offense.

7. Louis-Ferdinand Celine’s Kickstarter.

8. Guy at Party Knows the Difference Between Android, Droid, and Nexus. Is Enthusiastic.

9. No, It’s Funny. I Don’t Have Any Pictures From My Trip To Iceland.

10. OK, But Have You Heard Gangnam Style On Vinyl?

11. Things Are Really Heating Up Here On Google Plus!