Trickless Wickets II

by trickywicket


1. Smithsonian announces acquisition of Thomas Jefferson’s home-made sriracha caddy and Eli Whitney’s paintings based on pop-cultural puns.

2. First Annual Social Justice Through Social Media Conference reports 240,000 Facebook likes, no attendees.

3. Friends not sure if baffling, vapid status updates constitute elaborate subject-centered performance art.

4. Local man awarded Pulitzer Prize for Music Blog Comment Section Argument.

5. Liberal art student’s carefully-hidden class affiliation revealed through lavish Spring Break photos.

6. Let me tell you, in a rambling, half-recalled fashion, about this study I read third-hand that suggests correlation but not necessarily causation. At a potluck.

7. Oh, don’t mind me. I’m only here ironically.

8. Keep calm and eat cupcakes! Ha! Ha! Ha! Nom! Nom nom nom! Get it? It’s like that poster! I am so very lonely.

9. I’m finna Google Glass this kale.

10. Do you have any mid-century modern cats? We sort of have that thing going on and we don’t want her to clash.